Our approach and professional core.



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• Listening to others is key to developing robust and creative solutions.

• Different views and stand points make for a better design outcome.

• In guiding solutions not dictating them.

• A rising tide raises all ships.



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• Disruption of the “old ways” to deliver better solutions

• Using ideas from other sectors to improve our own

• Keeping an open mind



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• Tech as the key to unlocking greater design communication and collaboration

• Technology that is the key to delivering innovation

• Tech that can streamline the design and decision making process

• Tech that can reduce risk within design and delivery


Integral Sustainable Design

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• Context - how a place responds to and respects its context. How it links to and makes use of existing environmental systems.

• Experience- of the individual, how place feels, looks, light, shadow etc.

• Performance - of that place, buildings, energy, services, finance, access etc. how a place behaves.

• Culture - how groups experience the place, community, art, the third place, history, genus loci